Esteban Roa - Director of Special Needs Programs and Classes for Parents & Babies

Esteban is a social entrepreneur and percussionist  currently in his last semester at Berklee College of Music. He strongly values the original, the fragile, the rough, and is an advocate for addressing social conflicts through the arts and cultural humility. 

With a focus on music therapy, Esteban has led projects that aim to use music as tool for reconciliation and empowerment in communities primarily in Latin America -specifically with organizations like the Colombian Agency for Reintegration and Mercy Corps. These projects led him to work closely with the Danilo Perez Foundation in Panamá - specifically with the music therapy service trip - aimed at providing the community with the necessary resources to create sustainable music therapy programs. The service trip has shaped the Center of Music Therapy of Panamá which currently provides weekly services to children and adults with different needs. Esteban was Awarded the Outstanding Scholar and the Visionary scholarship based on his role in these projects. 

After he finishes his semester - Esteban will oversee his internship in Colombia, focused on neonatal and community music therapy. 

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