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Meeting time:  Tuesdays,  11:00 - 1:30 9/18/18  - 12/4/18  

Location: Community Creations 528 Adams Street, Milton MA 02186 2nd Floor

Text: No Fear Shakespeare - side by side, provided at 1st class  meeting

Cost: $30.00 per class  12 classes x30.00  = 360.00  plus materials fee: $20.00 

Course Description:  Come to Community Creations and learn about the fascinating world of William Shakespeare! In this class we explore the works of Shakespeare both out loud and through written analysis and have a great time doing it! The course will include: 

•  Study sonnet form and write  original sonnets 

•  Discover Shakespeare’s influence on modern English 

•  Learn to scan  and analyze Shakespearean text and discover Shakespeare's use of rhetoric/style to direct the action/performance of his plays 

•  Read and study two complete plays 

•  Examine the difference between Shakespeare as read vs. Shakespeare as performed/seen as a piece of theatre 

This class will give you the tools to understand and appreciate Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets while having a great time.  Fall in love with  Shakespeare this fall at Community Creations. 


Course Syllabus 


9/18  Sonnets and scansion Basics. Scan a sonnet in class. 

HW Scan a sonnet ( Analysis, Explication, question) 

9/25   Sonnets and scansion aloud 

HW Write a sonnet 


10/2    Present original sonnets, Discussion: Why is Shakespeare still relevant/popular in modern times 

HW Research list of 20 words invented by Shakespeare Short  & essay : Pick 5 and discuss their importance/ impact, 

10/9  Words Invented by Shakespeare/ Discussion 

HW Read Midsummer Act I - III , write 1 page plot summary & 3 Questions 

10/16 Midsummer Nights Dream 

HW  Act IV  & V Scan/Analyze one Scene or Monologue, 1 paragraph plot summary & 2 Questions 

10/23 Midsummer Nights Dream, Music in Shakespeare’s plays 

HW Study Questions, Research : Find an audio version of a song from a Shakespeare play 

10/30    Midsummer Nights Dream Discussion, Share/listen to songs 

           HW Read Hamlet Act I -III 


11/6           Hamlet 

HW Read Act IV Scan/Analyze one Scene or Monologue 

11/13 Hamlet 

HW Choose Monologue, Sonnet or Scene for Final Presentation and scan. Bring Copies For all class members. 

11/20 Hamlet Movie (time permitting), review scansion for final presentation  THANKSGIVING WEEK 

HW: Final Essay Rough Draft 

11/27 Presentations 

(Scanned Text Aloud//VS Cold Read) 


12/3 - 12/7    Final Presentation - Present memorized piece & final paper due