A little bit about us..

Community Creations is a place for music and the arts in East Milton Square. We offer group classes and private lessons for kids of all ages,  and are  excited  to add music lessons for adults and students with special needs this season. We have a diverse staff of highly skilled professionals who are prepared to teach any level from  beginner to advanced. We have three bilingual teachers on staff and are happy to teach in English and/or Spanish. Whether you are...

        •   interested in trying  something fun and new

       •   are a mom or dad with a toddler who loves to boogie!

      •    are looking for an inclusive and supportive environment for               your child with Autism or Downs Syndrome to take an                          enriching and super fun music class 

     •   a serious young artist who needs  a committed coach to                      help you meet specific goals

    •     Are interested in music performance opportunities

    •    Love to act and do plays and want to be in theatre                                  productions

    •   are a high school junior or senior preparing for  college                          admission auditions in music or theatre (We have an excellent          track record!)

    •    are enrolled in a college level music program such as Berklee            college of music or New England Conservatory and need                       tutoring for your music theory classes or advanced piano                     lessons

    •   are on track to pursue a professional career 


.....we welcome you to our studio and are ready to help you achieve your goals !  We aim to facilitate a joyful and empowered experience making music and art and hope to create a positive and inclusive community of artists along the way. 

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